From: Janet DesGeorges [Mdnc@Colorado.EDU]
Sent: Monday, July 27, 2009 3:32 PM
To: Julie; Tracy McGurran; Maria Rodriguez; DeeAnn Westfall;; Wendy Hewitt; Chresta Brinkman; Sarak17; Andrea Birch
Cc:; Harold Johnson; Leeanne Seaver
Subject: CO O.U.R. Children's Safety Project

Attachments: TimeSheet.doc; CO PILOT SCOPE OF WORK.doc; Janet DesGeorges LOG 2009 CAN.doc
Hello all,  This is a pretty full email with instructions, so please grab some chocolate and coffee, and read all the way through! smile! 
RE:  Colorado Pilot Project for O.U.R. Children's Safety

Current and potential Project members:  Janet, Sara, Chresta, (You guys still in/hope so?....Deeann, Maria, Julie, Tracy)
New Requests:  Andrea, Cindy, Wendy
cc:  Harold Johnson, Jessica Sloan (MSU), Leeanne Seaver (National)

You are being included on this email because you already are and/or are being invited to participate in a paid project with Colorado Families for Hands & Voices. If you are not yet a member of the wikispace,  You should have received an email notification requesting your membership to a wiki site that has been built for the O.U.R. Children's Safety Project, (Observing, Understanding, and Responding to Child Abuse and Neglect for Children who are D/HH).

Here are the next steps:

You will see below the email I sent out in late June for your assignment for July. Below that is the AUGUST assignments!

For new members of this project, or for those of you who just haven't quite got up to speed, attached is the SCOPE OF WORK to give you a concrete picture of this project.  I am attaching a copy of my log so you can see how to start tracking your work.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  The logs are part of the data collection for the project so MSU can continue to seek funding.  FOR ALL, a copy of your current logs are due prior to AUGUST 31st to Harold at  so he can assist us in next steps etc.  (note:  LOG KEEPING info. is in the scope of work)

We are planning an ivisit chat on MONDAY AUGUST 31st. at 12:00 MST. We'll be sharing with new participants how to keep active on this project, and updates from our project members that have already been implementing the pilot.  If you have not yet signed up for IVISIT/WIKI/SKYPE  please contact Jessica Sloan for support.

Dear CO Guides/Staff who are working on the pilot project for O.U.R. Children's Safety.
Below is an email that was sent to the participants at the national conference.
Since we are not going to have a call in July for the CO staff, I was wondering if you could do the following list below (1 - 4) as part of your work for July.
Are you keeping your logs?  Make sure you are including the QUESTIONS that are coming up for you as you take on this project.

We had really good feedback at the conference and the groundswell is growing!!  I've noticed that you are keeping good track of your work on this project in your time sheets!! Thanks, we need to track number of hours on this project as we continue.
You'll see that we may add a few out of state parents to our maybe our IVISIT chats will grow.

COMING UP in August!!!   A IVISIT chat will be scheduled!!!!
Happy July,
Dear Conference Participant:  Attached, and below, is some additional information about the Hands & Voice Collaborative Project with MI State University and others - O.U.R. Children's Safety -  Understanding, Observing, and Responding to Child Abuse and Neglect. 

Attached are the files from our presentation.  We would ask that you consider the following:

  1. Pass-it-on: Share this presentation, and its related resources, with at least one other parent, and then ask them to “pass-it-on.”
  2. Share the Story: Have a conversation with your child about abuse and neglect (see attached “Helping Parents Talk to Children” document), then share the story of how it went so that other parents can learn from your experience.
  3. Recognize the Best and Challenge Everyone Else: Ask the professionals who work with your child what they are doing to protect your child from abuse and neglect, then share the resulting reactions, information, resources, programs, and questions so that we recognize the best and challenge everyone else.
  4. Join us on our wiki, i.e.
  5. Consider your potential  involvement in the CO Pilot Project, for next steps and commitment requirements, contact Janet DesGeorges at               

1. Review the scope of work attached.
2. Focus on use of technology section of the scope of work and make sure you TRACK technology usage on your LOG (are you using SKYPE? IVISIT, WIKI SITE?)
3. If you are not listed on the PARTICIPANTS section of the wikisite, please add your name!!
4. Spend some time on the wiki site and post at least one question or story to the discussions tab.
5. Submit your current LOG to Harold prior to AUGUST 31st.
6.  RSVP to Janet to attend the AUGUST 31st IVISIT.

I know, in the world of all the projects going on at H&V, this can feel daunting, but keep your eye on the prize!  We can really make a difference by pressing through on this project!!!  Thanks SO much, for all you do!