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Question - I am new to this site and am so excited to have stumbled upon such a wonderful learning tool. I am a parent of a child that is profoundly Deaf and, quite frankly, was not aware that there was/is abuse/neglect among D/HH children. This just scares me to death! How can I help? Mary Ems/Cincinnati, Ohio
Reply: Thank you for your comment, support and question. The first step in our work is asking all the parents of children who are d/hh and the professionals we work with to complete the online survey ( The resulting data will give us a baseline to work from. The second step is to encourage the same individuals to join and contribute to this wiki, as they review the posted informational resources to increase their understanding of child abuse and neglect (CA/N) as experience by children who are d/hh. This step will foster the development of a "Community of Learners" concerning this topic, a community in which we share our contact information ("Participant"), our questions/replies ("Q&A"), "Resources," and our "Stories." This "pooling of information," in turn will provide the basis for our intervention efforts. I hope that this reply has been of some help and I hope that more individuals join and contribute to this wiki. [Harold Johnson, MI]