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This page is provided for adults working with deaf or hard of hearing children

Annotated Bibliograpy of Mulitmedia Resources Regarding D CA/N

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these dvd's can be borrowed, at no charge, from borrowers are required to complete a an application process. The details concerning this application can be found at:

  • Barbini, K athy.(Producer/Director).(1999).The Healing Years[DVD].Sausalito, CA: Future Educational Films, Inc.
    • In Brief: Profiles three women survivors of incest from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Takes a look at the profound effects of child sexual abuse on individuals, families, and society, and the importance of recovery as a key to ending the cycle of abuse.
    • Length: 52 minutes
    Ray, Collin
  • Ellis, Saun.(Producer/Director).(2006).Talk To Me[DVD].Fanlight Productions.
    • In Brief: Rape is the most underreported crime in America. One in six victims of sexual assault is under the age of twelve. Preteen and teen victims are often silenced by fear, shame, guilt, and threats of reprisal. Five young women speak directly about their painful experiences of sexual violence. NOTE: Mature subject matter; teacher and parent preview and adult-supervised viewing are recommended. Accessibility features on the DVD are: (1) expanded description, (2) English subtitles in a black box.
    • Length: 33 minutes
    • Recommended Grade Level: 6th-12th
  • Go Media.(Producer).(2004).Abused Kids: See It, Stop It![DVD].Pyramid Media.
    • In Brief: Child abuse and neglect is a growing, under-reported problem in this country. What are the signs? Who to talk to? What to do? Focuses on and defines four different types of abuse: neglect (the most common), physical, sexual, and emotional. Gives the signs of each with accompanying statistics, the best way to record observations, and who to contact. Report suspected abuse for investigation, not accusation. NOTE: Graphic images.
    • Length: 20 minutes
    • Recommended Grade Level: 11th-12th
  • Roth, Vanessa.Dickson, Alexandra.(Producer/Director).(2002).Close To Home[DVD].Direct Cinema.
    • In Brief: Closely examines the crime of child sexual abuse and the complexities surrounding its disclosure when the offenders are trusted family and community members. Seven survivors who were sexually molested by someone close to them tell their stories. Includes interviews with convicted sex offenders in a group therapy session. Hosted by David Schwimmer.
    • Length: 94 minutes
  • Schultz, Kristen.(Producer/Director).(1996).Child Abuse: Family Matters[DVD].AIMS Media
    • In Brief: What is abuse? What is its origin? Is there more than one kind? What is the usual reaction to abuse? Psychologist Walter Bera discusses abuse and offers professional advice and opinions. A family shares its multigenerational history of abuse, recognizing it as a family behavior. Challenges viewers to break the silence about abuse, confront abusers, listen to friends, and contact professionals.
    • Length: 20 minutes
    • Recommended Grade Level: 10th-12th
  • Torres, Sylvia P.(Director).(2004).Face It! Abusive Relationships Hurt[DVD].Miami, FL: South Florida Productions.
    • In Brief: Abusers and victims speak frankly about why the abuse happened and how they felt about it. Identifies several red flags that should raise awareness: isolation from friends and family, wants absolute control, manipulative and threatening, and verbally abusive. Dramatizations and live interviews.
    • Length: 15 minutes
    • Recommended Grade Level: 6th-12th
  • Vanderslice, Carolyn.(Producer).(1995).When Should You Tell? Dealing With Abuse[DVD].Sunburst Communications, Inc.
    • In Brief: Karen's older cousin Tommy abused her, but at school Karen learns that it's OK to tell. She shares her feelings and reactions, and learns to trust her instincts. She learns, too, that abuse is not her fault and there are some secrets that need to be told to a trusted adult.
    • Length: 14 minutes
    • Recommended Grade Level: 3rd-6th
  • Unknown Producer.(2000).Eternal Scars:Physical and Emotional Child Abuse[DVD].Cambridge Educational.
    • In Brief: Explores and dissects the signs and effects of child abuse, including mental, physical and sexual abuse. Discusses the lifetime effects on children. Tells what to do when one recognizes abuse of a child. Includes phone number for National Child Abuse Hotline.
    • Length: 24 minutes