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Search Protocol:

  • go to ****
  • click on the E-Resources link
  • click on Newspapers
  • select a database such as LexisNexis or InfoTrac
    • more databases can/will be used once and when these databases are exhausted
  • use keywords such as:
    • "deafness"
    • "abuse"
    • "neglect"
    • "hard of hearing"
    • "hearing impaired"
    • "deaf-mute"
    • deaf* AND abus*
  • it helps to link two words together for example, 'Deafness AND Abuse"
  • select "all dates" for the time frame
  • if possible, select "Major U.S. and World Publications" as part of the search criterion
  • click on "search"
  • The database will list the results in order of relevance
    • it may also be beneficial to view results in order chronologically, which is an option after the search has been conducted under the "sort" tab