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Working with the Experts (WWE) - Resource Materails & Technology Center: D/HH (FDLRS) & Florida Outreach Services: B/VI & D/HH
"O.U.R. Children: Observing, Understanding, Responding & Preventing Violence Against Children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing"
December 3 & 4, 2011 - St. Augustine, FL

    • Children with disabilities are three to four times more likely to experience maltreatment than their nondisabled peers. This horrific reality can be prevented, or at least mitigated, if parents and professionals are aware of the risks, how to reduce the risks, how recognize and then report a suspicions of maltreatment, and finally, when instances of maltreatment have occurred, how to provide support to children and their family.
    • Topically this WWE will share information, stories, insights and resources concerning the prevention, recognition, reporting and response to child maltreatment from birth through adulthood. Topics such as neglect, physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, plus “cyber risk,” “teen dating violence,” and domestic abuse will be dealt with in a sensitive, open, interactive and hopeful manner. Participants will be encouraged to share their goals, questions and resources at the WWE.
    • Participants will also be invited to join a well established online “community of learners” who are collaboratively supporting one another as we share what we know and learn what we need to protect our children from maltreatment.
    • Please join us for a weekend of knowledge, hope, and support for together we CAN make a difference.