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Dr. Harold Johnson is a professor of special education at Michigan State University (MSU). Prior to his arrival at MSU, he was a professor at Kent State University (1980-2006), a public school administrator (1975-1977) and a teacher of students who were deaf/hard of hearing (1971-1975). His research has focused upon the use of web-based technologies and resources to reduce isolation, facilitate collaboration, recognize excellence and enhance teaching/learning within K-20 deaf education. Currently his research focused on the incidence, recognition, impact and prevention of child abuse and neglect as experienced by children with disabilities.


Ashley Koe has been in the field of advocacy for 8 years. Majority of those have been spent at Abused Deaf Womens Advocacy Services (ADWAS) in Seattle, WA and Dove Advocacy Services for Abused Deaf Women and Children (Dove) in Denver, CO. Several of those were also advocating for DHH children's education. As a Children's Advocate and Community Advocate, Ashley has provided advocacy for DHH youth who have experienced abuse and prevention education that empowers them to choose healthy relationships. That work has also become various collaborations with adults (parents, educators, counselors and interpreters) on sharing tools for how to create a supportive and empowering environment for the youth and teens. After all, it takes a village. I live by the quote, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."


Dr. Gabriel Lomas is currently an assistant professor of counseling in the department of educational psychology at Western Connecticut State University. He holds an M.A. in counseling from Gallaudet and has a number of deaf people in his family. His prior work includes contracting with child protective services in Texas. In that role, he worked intimately with case workers, perpetrators, victims, and families with psychological responses to abuse and neglect. In his private practice, he has performed hundreds of psychological evaluations on perpetrators and has logged countless hours in therapy with victims and perpetrators. Additionally, Lomas worked in a deaf education program in various capacities including interpreter, teacher, and counselor. Lomas is the author of a number of scholarly publications including book contributions and journal articles.


Dr. Caroline Guardino is an assistant professor of Exceptional Student and Deaf Education at the University of North Florida. Her research interests involve improving the resources available to professionals and parents working with Deaf students who have disabilities and understanding effective reading strategies for young struggling deaf readers. She is passionate about preparing educationally proficient and socially aware pre-service students who have a profound impact on the lives of deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH) children in the K-12 setting. Dr. Guardino believes every child deserves the right to a safe upbringing free of abuse, bullying, and violence. Therefore, she teaches pre- and in-service teachers how to understand and respond to the risks our DHH children are exposed to regularly.