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How do you have a conversation about abuse and neglect?

This was the question addressed at the 2011 Hands & Voices National Leadership Conference that was held in Portland MA in June of 2011. The following video segments were captured and shared to assist us all to have the confidence and knowledge we need to help protect our children from abuse and neglect.


Intoductory Video:
  • 11th Commandmentby Collin Ray
    • [Note: please allow 1-3 minutes for the video to load]
Described & Captioned Media article

Video Segments

The O.U.R. Hands & Voices Traveling Exhibit Booth

  • Who can man this booth? Any chapter representative that serves on the O.U.R. Network, and/or has been through a basic training through Hands & Voices (natl. leadership conference or one on one)
  • What’s the Takeaway? What is the desired result from having this booth at one of your events?
    • People
      • Have a conversation with a colleague about this issue (break the taboo)
      • Ask questions from the professionals that are serving your child.
      • Nominate a Bright Spot
The contents of this booth are available for members of the O.U.R. Network and H&V Chapters and GBYS programs.

For more information, open these docs:

  • Information about the Traveling Booth

  • OUR Booth template